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About Us

Making the world a little brighter

Imagine your home lit by the most eco-friendly candles, naturally-scented by the wild, handcrafted with care. Instead of polluting your space with synthetic fragrances and toxic chemicals, your candles burn clean and bright.

From the beeswax we choose, to our actual production processes, from our tree-free paper packaging to fair pay for our employees, our focus is on promoting sustainable + healthy living. Every wick found within a Little Bees candle is made of precisely braided cotton fibers free of lead. We hand-pour the longest lasting, cleanest burning candles made with American beeswax that smells like wildflowers and the honey it once contained. Rather than paraffin or palm wax candles, which are either toxic or have negative environmental and human rights implications, our beeswax is non-toxic and comes from honeybee hives of the American Northwest. It is this internationally renowned beeswax that offers the exceptional olfactory and burning qualities of Little Bees Candles.

Customers often ask about our roots: how and why we got started. We grew from a love of candles, beeswax, and a desire to promote a sustainable culture. Our goal from the beginning was to create the longest lasting, cleanest burning, and sweetest smelling candles. We went from making tealights in our home to offering candles in a wide variety of shapes ranging from votives to tapers and even howling wolves and happy buddhas, all crafted in our earth conscious workshop.