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Votives (Seconds)

Votives (Seconds)

Little Bees Candle Co

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These are rated as "seconds" meaning they are slightly below our highest quality first rated pours. We offer them at a discount as a favor to our loyal customers who love great burning beeswax candles even if they don't look perfect. Only a limited supply is available. 

Our 100% pure beeswax standard size votives are the perfect fit for most votive holders. Offering an unique look for whatever glassware or ceramic you have for the occasion.

Votive candles are designed to function as containers candles, so you will want to place these in a properly designed vessel before lighting.Each votive is a little miniature candle but for their size they last for a significantly long time. Once lit, they will burn for at least 12 – 15 hours depending on your room’s air circulation and the subtle qualities of the wax.

They’re simple and practical, so use often and enjoy!

Candle Specs:
Diameter:       1.5”
Height:           1.9”
Weight:          1.75 oz